Breaking Free from Manipulation

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Albert Smit
Posted 4 weeks ago
Simplicity is key..

Thank you for a brilliant course. It is not only empowering but will definitely enrich both my life and those who I will positively influence when practically apply and share alike. The smaller but intriguing details that was mentioned is not something that you will read in a news paper but is crucial to know and have for our day to day existence.

Greta Myburgh
Posted 12 months ago
Breaking free from toxic people

The Breaking Free from Manipulation course was very useful and I am definitely going to use the knowledge I have gained from this course in my life. I believe everyone needs to learn how to break free from manipulators and those who keep them from achieving happiness and great things in life.

Anmaré MALAN
Posted 1 year ago
Very useful

I really enjoy this course. Manipulation is something close to my heart and the info and material I got out of these sessions will be very useful when working with my clients in the future.

Gonapushni Naicker
Posted 2 years ago
A real eye opener

It was a very fruitful exercise. gained a lot of insight into manipulation. Also learnt ways how to not allow yourself to be manipulated. The action plan was very enlightening. showed me the way forward. this course helped me to be able to identify the characteristics a manipulator has and it is actually their low self esteem and fear that cause them to act in this way. I thank you greatly.

Posted 2 years ago
Very helpful

Very helpful

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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