How Can I Become a Life Coach?

How can I become a Certified Life Coach?

1) Get yourself coaching fit first.

You may ‘try out’ becoming a coach by working with an Accredited Coach, or if you are unsure if you are ready for that commitment yet, or have scored below 80 on the C4S House Cleaning Quiz then we recommend that you get your own life up to speed first in the Online Coaching Course  that can be done in your own privacy and at your own pace.

Or alternatively, you can jump right in and register to become an accredited life coach!

2) Get training from an accredited and industry reputed training provider.

If you enjoyed working with a life coach, then the next step is to get professional life coach training at a COMENSA accredited and SETA Aligned Coach Training Institution.

I personally recommend the coach4success program as there is nothing like it in in SA that offers the industry respect that coach4success graduates enjoy for a short course. You will automatically become COMENSA accredited as a Life Coach Practitioner on successfully completing of our program. (We handle this registration for you).

View your professional coach certification that you will attain through Coach4Success by clicking here.

3) Practice your coaching skills.

Once you are enrolled in coach training, then you will immediately begin to put your new skills into practice with ‘willing, voluntary clients’. After you have coached a number of people you will begin to feel confident in applying the tools you are learning on the coach4success program and also a greater sense of confidence in yourself.

4) List yourself with various life coaching directories so clients can find you.

Once you are enrolled in a COMENSA and SETA accredited coach training program you may already list yourself as a “coach in training” on various coaching directories (including this site). This will help you get exposure to new clients and you can offer coaching for free or a discounted rate in order to get practical experience. Once you graduate from your coaching program you can amend your listing to Practitioner Coach.

5) Give yourself time

It takes time to become a Certified Coach. Enjoy the process.

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