Choosing Doors

Imaginative Exercise

This exercise will require you to use your imagination – don’t hold back. The more you free your mind the more you will benefit from the exercise.

Closely examine all the doors in this picture. Imagine there is ‘a life’ behind each of the doors.

If you could choose only 1 door to enter which one would it be and why?

Now imagine you are living this life.

Write out in great detail what you imagined behind that door and why you would choose it – the flooring, furniture, people, family, animals, garden or balcony etc
How does your past look in this life behind the chosen door?
How do you feel living this life behind the chosen door?
How does your future look in this life behind the chosen door?

Now I want you to compare your current life to the one you imagined.
Next to each reason you motivated for choosing your door compare you current life.

To summarize this activity:

How much of your current life did you imagine as behind the chosen door? If you did not imagine much of your current life do you see how detrimental to your happiness this is?
If you are imagining being somewhere else to where you actually are you are living with constant dis-ease.
While it is important to have goals and future hopes we need an element of happiness with the current place we are. All change can only start from where we are now.

Write out a brief summary of what you have learned from this exercise and 1 action step you will take to bring about greater contentment with your life.