Course Outline

Hi, I am Gaile Wilson, the Director of Coach4success and also the person assigned to you for the duration of this course to assist you and mark all your homework and give you feedback. I encourage you to stay in contact and share your learning with me. Please feel free to add me to your WhatsApp and email.

Cell   082 061 5084


The mere fact that you have enrolled on this course shows that you are part of a very small percentage of the population – you are someone who values personal development, you believe you can improve the quality of your life and you want to help others improve the quality of their lives.

This course is made up of a number of different learning methods, in line with international standards.

You can access this platform as many times as you wish moving backwards and forwards as many times as you want. Please practically do all the activities and send these through to me on my email address or WhatsApp picture them. I will assess all your work and give you feedback.

You also have Supporting Documents and Supporting Videos per session for you to watch. Theses videos will deepen your understanding and also give you different peoples opinions.

Please note you are enrolled as an Africa student – this means the following:

You are part of the Advanced Program Stream, meaning your course is entirely online.

You do not receive a Postal pack but instead enjoy everything online.

Any reference to a USB stick can be ignored as you will find all these documents under Supporting

Documents Online.

The Workbooks have been loaded online for you and you can download them for yourself.

You will be required to do an open book exam at the end of the course in order to get International Certification as Life Coach Practitioner. But you will be ready for this exam when the time comes to write it and will do well in it.

Most of all ENJOY the course! Remember you are doing this for personal development AND to help others so take time for yourself to do all the practical’s and self reflect.

I look forward to working with you!