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  1. Comprehensive Learner pack couriered to you containing + 50 hours of Videos, a + 400 page textbook and access codes to the online NLP Course
  2. Coupon for lifetime free access to Coach4success online platform
  3. A dedicated Life/NLP Coach Practitioner assigned to you for the period of your training to answer any questions you have, impart NLP experience and mark your assignments and return them to you with detailed comments. You are not required to do this program alone. We pride ourselves at Coach4success for being hands on and having close relationships with our students.
  4. WhatsApp, Telephonic or Skype access to your assigned Life/NLP Coach Practitioner to assist you to successfully complete your NLP Practitioner Program

Duration of this program?

We do not encourage Trainee NLP Practitioners to rush through this program as there is a lot of information to digest and you will also be required to submit homework and to do practical’s where you coach 2 people through the NLP process and submit evidence of these sessions.

The full program will take between 3 months and 1 year depending on your amount of free time.

This is self paced learning and you progress at your own pace.

To enrol for this course no special qualification or knowledge is required. We assume you know very little about NLP and train you all the way up to Practitioner level.


Thank you for your interest in our NLP Practitioner Course.

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