Hi, I am Gaile the Director of Coach4success. Welcome to this free Life Coach taster.

So you are interested in becoming a Life Coach. Did you know this is the fastest growing industry in the world … so you are exactly on the right track if it’s a career path you are choosing! You get to experience massive personal development and add to the world by helping others become the best version of themselves. Aaaand it is a lucrative career too, meaning, yes, you can generate your own income and have financial freedom running your own practice.

We have included here a taster of what Life Coaching is for you to enjoy.

I enrolled on this journey over 10 years ago and have implemented Life Coaching principles into my own and others lives and I can therefore assure you with confidence – this is a winning career investment and massive change in your life is inevitable!

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at gaile@coach4success.co.za

Visit the website for more details on course plans and payment option www.coach4success.co.za